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I'm a Saint Louis Native, travel enthusiast, hard-core animal lover, advocate for social justice, and hands on maker.

Currently, I've been focusing my photo energy into portraits. I can shoot you, your pet snake, your partner, your mom and dad, your professional head shots, your Christmas card for next year and anything else in between. Check out some of my 

I'm obsessed with video. Always have been, always will be.  What started as a childhood hobby of homemade music videos has become a refined craft, an expression of joy, and a means of communicating. In addition to using digital video equipment, I've expanded my wheelhouse to include drone footage. 

Makenna Burton


I paint, a lot. I started working primarily with oils at the start of 2021 and fell in love - hard. However, I still dabble in other mediums and love to experiment.  When I'm painting, I'm *in the zone* and tend to forget about the world around me. I sell original works of arts, prints, and have done many commissions for people that run the gamut, but my favorites are people and pet portraits.  


Drawing is where it all began. I began my life long journey into art at the kitchen table of my childhood home, sketching. It's been the foundation for all my artistic endeavors and given me invaluable knowledge in composition, lighting, and all around knowing how to see like an artist. Lately, I've been focusing on line drawings. They're great gifts for friends and family, check them out! 

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